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Explanation of the Chakra System

Posted By: Rayelan
Date: Sunday, 8 April 2012, 2:24 p.m.


The Chakra System
By Raylan Allan

What is it and how keeping it in balance can bring balance into your life in all ways… physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Simply put…The chakras are energy centers located in our physical body… but merging with our etheric or spiritual body.

Some believe chakras are vortices in the etheric body that can actually connect you to other dimensions. The purpose knowing about chakras is the knowledge of chakras will help you keep these energy centers in balance. If you keep the chakras in balance, you bring all things into your life into balance.

This is a simplified introduction to Chakras. Full discussions of them would take several encyclopedia size books.

I was first introduced to Chakras in the late 70s when I was a student at the University of California at Santa Cruz. I was a psychology major and at that time the UC system had a curriculum called the psychology of religions.

I was studying the psychology of eastern religions when my teacher introduced us to the chakra system. It made so much sense to me that I continued to research it.

In the early 80s, I was fortunate enough to be allowed to do research in Manly Hall’s Philosophical Research Institute’s Private Library. That was where I learned most of what I know about the chakra system.

One of the first things I learned… way back then… was there are SEVEN chakras. Back in the 70s when I started learning about Chakras, there were few books available. One of the books I read, which was written by a devotee of Rajneesh, said there were only SIX major chakras. The Rajneeshies believed that the First Chakra and the Second Chakra were the same chakra…

This explains why group sex was the norm in the Rajneesh commune. The First Charka is about survival… there are other things too… but for this point… I am only going to mention Survival. The Second Chakra is about sex… in other words, when you meditate on an area that is between your first and second chakras… you create a condition that makes your body think that is needs SEX to SURVIVE!!

No sex… no survival. Without sex… you die. This is the message that was sent subconsciously to the people who were members of the Rajneesh family. In the 70s and early 80s, there were few books in metaphysical bookstores on the Chakra System. I bought this book because it was the only one I could find. People who only read this book may still be trapped in the feeling that they need sex for survival. Many people who began studying chakras in the 70s probably learned there were only six chakras… not seven.

Regarding the second chakra… the sexual chakra. I disagree with the people who position the Second Chakra, at the base of their sexual organs. That is NOT where the second chakra is located. It is located about two inches below your navel. It is more in the center of the body, crosswise... but if all the chakras are in balance, all chakras increase in energy… therefore they increase in size… so your chakras can not only be touching the edges of your physical body… the sides, the front, the back… but they merge with the other chakras…. And eventually surround your entire body in a beautiful rainbow aura.

Here is a chakra chart. It is one of the best I have found. I have used it in my teachings for years and have no idea where I found it or I would give credit to the artist.

People who grew up with Amazon or who lived in major cities like NYC of Los Angeles are very blessed, because they have access to far more books than I had when I was learning about chakras. Up until I went to Manly Hall’s private Library, I thought the book I had read, that said there were only six chakras, was correct.

I was fortunate to be able to read some of the original information on chakras… translated for me of course. I learned about chakras from the original books where Manly Hall had learned about the chakras. I also read what he had written about chakras.

According to what I remember, without reviewing all the books I read…. The following are the following attributes which each chakra holds and its location.

The word chakra is Sanskrit and signifies a wheel, this is because people who can see chakras see them spinning, looking very much like a moving wheel. Some people call our chakras “the wheels of life”. Or the wheel of life and death.

I might also add that I have reduced some of the most profound thoughts in the spiritual world to modern day simplicity. I have done this because if I wrote the way C.W. Leadbetter writes, I would lose you in the first sentence. That being said… I still recommend that you read Leadbeater, who was Krishnamurti’s teacher during his childhood. Also read Krishnamurti. I feel he went far beyond Leadbetter, and took the work of Theosophy to a much higher plateau and refused to associate it with Theosophy. It was spiritual truth that belonged to all… not just a private group educated in Theosophy.

The first chakra or root or base chakra is located at the base of the spine.

The first chakra is associated with your connection to Mother Earth. The first chakra is known to be the source of self-preservation and survival. It is this chakra where the fight or flight response is located. When this first chakra energy is disrupted, you may open the door to illness. You may be more vulnerable to dangerous situations because your fight or flight radar is not working. You may feel alone in the world, you might develop phobias and be afraid for your safety in many different situation… agoraphobia, is one of the phobias you can develop when your base chakra is cut off from energy.

With a closed or unbalanced first chakra, it’s possible that you will feel ungrounded… i.e you have lost your connection to Mother Earth… and since your body is part of Mother Earth…. You will lose connection with your body… which may precede death.

The second chakra is often called the sexual chakra, because sexual energy is believed to originate there. But the second chakra is far more than simply a sex chakra. it is also the chakra of creativity. Think of the wild sexual side of Picasso and you will understand how artists, who have a balanced sexual center, will also have a very hearty sexual appetite. Artists who are more centered in the creativity side of this chakra are dedicated to their work and have little sexual energy. Sexual offenders and sexually obsessed people are unbalanced in this chakra on the sexual side.

This chakra is also the chakra that attracts sexual partners. Someone with a powerful sexual chakra, or who has been a dark magician in past lives, can use the energy of their sexual chakra to stimulate your sexual chakra, and thereby entice you into a sexual act.

Charisma is also located in the Second Chakra.

The Third Chakra is associated with personal power. It is the chakra that you need empowered for success as it is defined in today’s world…. Or for that matter, in the world of Ghengis Khan.

It is located in the solar plexus.

Many politicians have powerful third chakras, as do successful business, military, financial and world leaders.

When a person who has great sexual energy plus great power energy… i.e. a huge sexual chakra and a huge solar plexus chakra… they are very capable of developing charisma that is used to gain even MORE personal power. I always think of President Kennedy. He had a base chakra that was almost closed due to numerous health problems. But he had tremendous sexual and power energy… which combined to create incredible charisma.

When the Third Chakra is closed or blocked, it can lead to a lack of energy and fatigue. During these times, dealing with others is almost impossible. Many people want to stay in bed all day and not deal with the world they live in. Needless to say, a blocked solar plexus or power chakra can cut you off from your livelihood, your friends, your world… It is the most likely cause of depression.

The fourth is also called the Heart Chakra. It is the midpoint in your evolution from matter back to spirit. The fourth chakra is associated with a gradual increasing of consciousness because it is between the lower three and upper three chakras.

It is the center of unconditional love. When your chakras are completely in balance this chakra will have a pink glow. This is because the energy of the Mother is Red… and the energy of the Father is White. When a person is in balance, the Mother and Father… matter and spirit… commune… they mix their energies and their colors… hence… your heart chakra glows with pink energy.

When this chakra is blocked, you can feel wounded or victimized. People who have studied chakras say that this is the chakra where we store the hurt child inside of us. When this chakra is blocked, there is a repeat loop created and you go over past pain again and again.

When the energy from the fourth chakra is low or non existent, you will have trouble protecting yourself from emotional harm. Any criticism will make you feel like you feel raw, like a burn victim; and emotionally vulnerable.

When the fourth chakra is open and energy is flowing positively, you feel open, loving, and compassionate to those around you. You are also very accepting of people for who they are and not what you want them to be.

The fifth chakra, is also called the throat chakra. It is the chakra for speaking truth or finding creative ways for self-expression.

The more free-flowing the energy of this chakra, the more you are able to speak your truth without fearing the consequences.

On a different level, this chakra is also associated with personal will. When the chakra is very open, but not in balance with your other chakras, you come across as too overpowering.

When it is closed, your will can seem nonexistent. This is very similar to what happens when you have the third chakra, the solar plexus or power center, closed. You want to stay in bed and not deal with anyone… not even on the phone.

When the fifth chakra is in balance, your small will is aligned with divine will. What you do is not just on your personal path, but it is on the Divine Path. You are likely to feel like a sail boat with a gentle wind in your sails. One that is comfortable to you and allows you to flow with the Divine Plan for your life.

When your fifth chakra is disrupted, personal truths can become harder to express. You may even become afraid to speak your opinions or feel unsure about what you might say.

The sixth chakra, the third eye, is associated both with spirit and with psychic abilities. This chakra provides a source of inner knowing (intuition), as well as an objective reflection of how things are. By being focused on a commitment to the truth and flexibility of thought, people with clear sixth chakras usually have a sense of life's realities that surpasses usual conscious barriers.

When this chakra is closed or blocked, you may have trouble seeing the big picture of events that are unfolding in your life. The real truth becomes hard to find, even though you keep searching for it; and you become confused to the point that you feel like chucking it all. At times like these, it is best to stop what you are doing, take a few deep breaths and meditate for a while until you are able to rise above the confusion and find your truth once more.

The seventh chakra, the crown chakra is associated with higher, finer and purer thought. It connects us to our higher spiritual bodies as well as to the entire universe. This chakra symbolizes self-knowledge and spiritual consciousness. It is located at the crown of the head.

The seventh chakra is associated with a more profound spiritual connectedness than the other six chakras are. This chakra is the seat of higher wisdom. When a person has their Third Eye and the Crown Chakra open, they are able to receive the divine wisdom of the universe. Combine these two chakras with the throat chakra and you have a person who can channel information from the Source of Higher Wisdom.

--- end of explanation of the chakras ---

There are more attributes attached to the Seven Chakras that I have labeled here.

If you are going to study the chakras, I suggest getting books that are written before 1950.

I would start with the book on the chakras by Leadbetter. THE CHAKRAS Including an updated list of Chakra Balancing Colors, Gemstones, Fragrances and Foods by C.W. Leadbeater and Dr Jane Ma'ati Smith ..."

This edition appears to be an updated version. It sounds very interesting. I haven’t read it, but I plan on it. I read the original back in the mid 80s when I was studying chakras.

One added word of caution:

From the late 50s until now, government intelligence agencies have flooded the spiritual community with books and information that are not accurate. They purposely do this because they mistakenly believe they can misdirect spiritual energy… YOURS… thereby trapping people on earth.

They are mistaken in this… we are getting ready to ascend and claim our place in the Universe and NOTHING can stop this. It’s like making bread. Follow the directions, let it rise, bake it and four hours later you have bread. Ascension is as simple as this… if you KNOW the recipe.

In your quest for knowledge… please remember that there are many channels and spiritual writers who are only the front men or women for intelligence agencies. There are many different reasons for this, I go into some of them in my book, The Obergon Chronicles. Here isn’t the place for long drawn out conversations on this.

For more information on the Chakra system you can download the ACM meditations. You can find them on this page, along with an explanation of where they came from.

Explanation of the Activated Cellular Memory Method

For more information on the chakras and colors, I have included bits and pieces of obscure knowledge in the tapes I made for the Templar Secret of Prosperity.

I started doing research for the Prosperity Tapes in 1984. This was the reason I was at Manly Hall’s. I didn’t finish the research or fully understand what I had created for over 20 years. The last pieces of the puzzle fell in place in 2006, after which I finally put up the page where I talk about it.

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