For Your Own Well Being, Please Read this BEFORE you use the meditations that are on this page.

Rayelan Allan spent OVER twenty years researching the meditation and the symbol.

The meditation on this tape was recorded in the 80s. Some of the information is dated. But the meditation is eternal.

This Templar Prosperity Symbol is registered!

If you want to use it on something, please contact Rayelan and work out an arrangment that benefits both of you... AND the rest of your soul family.

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Note from Rayelan:

This Prosperity Symbol is VERY powerful!

This meditation is also very powerful!!

You really DON'T want to take a chance on misusing either of these powerful tools, the symbol or the meditation... You don't have the time to acquire and work through NEW negative karma, in these last days of our lessons, here on Planet Earth.

If you want to use the meditation or the symbol for profit, your must use them with permission AND you must use them wisely! We are just NOW ending a time of excess greed!! The whole planet is paying the price for this lesson. If you haven't et read The Obergon Chronicles, and read the short Lesson called THE IMPORTANCE OF GREED , take the time to read it now so you will understand what the entire planet has been learning ever since we entered the Era of Greed in the 1980s.

The time of "greed" is ending. One aspect of greed is "borrowing" work from other people without asking permission. "Borrowing" for personal use is one thing... but borrowing in order to use the borrowed item to make money for yourself, falls into the category of "greed", and this falls under the Laws of Karma.

The entire world is ending the Era of Greed. If you haven't learned the Lesson of Greed and activated its opposite side, which is generosity; then you will have to learn the lesson rapidly if you want to keep up with your soul family. "Instant Karma" is what this is called... and most of us know that "Instant Karma" is a bitch!!

Believe me, having been there a few times... you DON'T want to go there!!

A Little History of the Prosperity Meditation

I started researching the colors red and green in 1984, shortly after I almost died from meningitis. My near death, out of body experience, brought back information about two different, but related processes.

One process is now known as the Templar Prosperity Meditation. The other process became known as the Activated Cellular Memory Method.

It took me many years to truly understand my search for the secrets of the red and green. I thought I was looking for the Templar secret of enlightenment... instead, what I found was a Templar Meditation for health, wealth, happiness and prosperity. One that was used during the time of the Knights Templars, to keep a Knight on his or her path!

This Prosperity Meditation is not for everyone. It only works for a certain group of people. YOU are probably one of these people. If you weren't, you would NOT have found this obscure little outpost. But... even if you ARE one of these people... you may still have unfinished karma which this tape will help you finish... and finish rapidly. In other words, the use of this tape may set in motion far more than you have bargained for.

Are you STRONG enough?

In 1984 I heard about a man who was a Bishop in the Church of Antioch. His name was Warren Prall Watters. He was 93 and his wife of 50 years was in her 80s.

I had never been baptized because I refused to be baptized by any of the ministers in the churches I attended as a child. When I heard about this man, I knew that he was the one who was supposed to baptize me.

I became very close to Warren and his wife, Ellen. Even though Ellen was 50 years older than I, I felt like she was my sister. I spent 4 wonderful years visiting them in their home in Santa Barbara. They were like family to me. Information on Ellen is at the bottom of this page. A BIOGRAPHY OF The Founders of the Free Church of Antioch

Not only was I baptized by Warren, but I was ordained into the Church of Antioch. Warren became my first real teacher. It was at that same time that I suddenly became fascinated with the colors red and green.

At one point in our friendship, Ellen recommended me to become a member of the "Co-Masonic Lodge", a Masonic organization for women. I really wanted to join it. At that time, I did not know that the Masons have a dark side which is connected to the Illuminati. Not all Masons are part of this Dark Order. After all, the United States was FOUNDED by Masons. How can ALL Masons be evil if our country... which is the ONLY country in the world that proclaims their RIGHTS come from GOD... NOT kings or governments... be founded by Masons from the Dark Order???

Warren told me that I already knew MORE than most Masons, and if I became a member of the Co-Masonic Lodge, I would no longer be able to share the information that I was researching.

Warren had been a Mason. He dropped out at one of the early levels. He told me that because he had taken vows and couldn't answer my questions. He told me there was a man in Los Angeles who could help me find the answers I was looking for.

One of Warren's early students was a man named Manly P. Hall. Warren was in his 20s and Manly was 16. They remained friends ever since. Contrary to what many people believe, Manly P. Hall was NEVER a Mason.

One day Warren picked up the phone and called Manly. He asked him to help me find the answers to my questions about red and green.

I didn't meet Manly Hall at that time. Warren called Manly, who called his center, PRS and told them that I was on my way and they were to help me find the answers that I needed.

There were two librarians who helped me in my search. Some of the books weren't in English and I had to have them translate the parts about red and green. I wanted to know why red and green were the colors of Christmas. The search went on for two full years.... at PRS, in Warren's personal library, in the library of the Captain of the Queen Mary, and various other esoteric libraries, both private and public.

I discovered that the heart chakra is green and the base chakra is red. I discovered that red and green were etheric opposites on a color wheel. I discovered if you stared at a green dot on a white piece of paper, that when you closed your eyes you would see a red dot.

It took about two years of reading. studying and searching for ancient references to red and green before I realized how to put the research together and create this meditation.

Somewhere along the line, I realized that this meditation was a Templar prosperity meditation. My mentor, Warren, advised me NOT to say that I had discovered a Templar meditation, and yet I knew that I had. I didn't fully understand why he gave me that advice.

But I followed his advice and did not call it a Templar meditation, I called it "Prosperity for the Children of Light."

Here is the review Manley Hall wrote for the tape called "Prosperity for the Children of Light". His longtime secretary told me that he had NEVER written a review of ANY book or tape that was sold in his bookstore. I still wonder why he chose to write one for me. She told me that he hated what I had written about the meditation. I later realized that he knew that I didn't really understand what I had discovered!!

"This meditation is based on the ancient mysteries and teaches the use of money and abundance as a guidelight to enlightenment. Aimed at the modern world citizen, the meditation works to bring the student into alignment with his higher will so that money can be used wisely for the awakening of humanity."

Manley Hall, 1988

This is the tape cover for the original Prosperity for the Children of Light two tape set. Please pay special attention to the warning!

In 1994, 8 years after I created the first Prosperity tape, I was sitting at a table in a Lodge in Salzburg, Austria with a man who was a member of Faction Two, a Habsburg Baron, and a Knight Templar. Gunther and I had just finished transferring 1500 metric tonnes of gold to Austria, with rollovers up to 500,000 metric tonnes. This gold transfer is part of David Guyatt's book, The Secret Gold Treaty.

We were in Austria to collect our commissions and to retire. Little did we know that GOD had other plans for both of us... and these plans did NOT include our staying together!!

While in Austria, talking with this Templar, who appears to have been assigned to me as my "teacher", I learned many things. He told me the history of the Templar Prosperity Meditations and in particular what the one I had discovered was used for.

He also told me the history of the Biographical stories about the Children of Obergon...( who may or may NOT be the same as the Children of Light!!)

One of the last things the last things the Austrian Templars did for me, was give me permission to call my meditation "A Templar Prosperity Meditation". I was told that there are many Templar Prosperity Meditations, this is merely ONE of them. The warning I was given, was so stern that I have made a special effort to NEVER let anyone believe that my Templar Meditation is the ONLY Templar meditation.

One last comment about the Templars I met in Austria. They told me that the Masons have NO relationship whatsoever to the Templars. One Templar put it this way, "The Masons founded their order on the charred remains of our last Grand Master, Jacques de Molay."


The Templar Prosperity Meditation



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The Templar Prosperity Meditation



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At LAST..... The long wait is over!! The Advanced Version of the Meditation is FINALLY being released to the public after many years of being kept under lock and key!!

Many people do not know that there is an Advanced Version of this Prosperity Meditation. But be aware...


The Advanced Version was recorded in 1988 and has been locked away since 1990.


Until you have read this warning and fully understand the consequences that using this advanced meditation can bring you.


Please pay even MORE attention to this warning than you did before.

The advanced version of the Templar Prosperity Meditation adds a technique to bring money to you on YOUR time... NOT on God's time.

This tape works for certain people.... a VERY small percentage of people. Mother Theresa would be one for whom this meditation would work.

If you know in your heart that you and God are walking the same path, then this tape will work for you.

If you are wrong, here is what may happen...

Forewarned is Forearmed!

If you are NOT doing what GOD sent you to earth to do... i.e. Your REAL mission... God will arrange for you to stop what you are doing so that you can FIND your real mission.

What does this mean?

It could mean many things. If you are married to the wrong person, you may quickly be divorced. If you are in the wrong job or business, you may quickly find yourself OUT of a job. If you are in the wrong town, state or country, you could find yourself very quickly moving to the right location, possibly via a homeless tent city.

If you are living the wrong life, sometimes the transition is very difficult and painful.

But if you are sincere in your desire to find your mission on earth and to create the amount of money that you need to fulfill your mission, then this tape is for you.

  • It will purify your thoughts and your motives for prosperity.
  • It will give you the health you will need to fulfill you mission.
  • It will give you the wisdom that you need to know what to do with the wealth when it arrives.
  • If you use this tape on a regular basis you will receive the wealth you need to walk your personal spiritual path and perform the mission for which you came to earth.

    This tape is NOT for someone who is does NOT want to walk a spiritual path.

    It you think you are powerful enough to fool your higher self and God... you will see yourself thrown to the ground and stomped on by events, until you realize that the life you have been leading is NOT the one that God or your higher self want you to lead!!!

    Once you make that realization and turn your life over to your higher self and God, then these advanced meditations will work for you.

    I suggest the NO ONE try the advanced meditation until they have used the original for at least three months.



    The Price for the Advanced Version of this Templar Prosperity Meditation is $40.88. There are 4 different meditations in the advanced version.

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